Grab the 🍣 🍱 you what from this fun Japan inspired restaurant
Hundreds of options, so you had better split a few!

February 2023

Best baklava in Utah. Tons of pastries and sandwiches. Beautiful shop.
Edgy branding, decent cookies.

December 2022

New fried chicken sandwich competitor enters the ring and what is a Southern California fried chicken sandwich anyway?

December 2021

Cookies have competition, Dessert Blox makes delicious square desserts

November 2021

Via 313 is a new pizza restaurant in Orem making Detroit style pizza. Why is the sauce on top? Let's find out.
Try the sampler. And do not forget the Butter Cake
While we work on our full guide, here is a quick list.

July 2021

Sit down, better than Mo'Bettahs.

June 2021

CoVID took a good one from Utah County

December 2020

Chip, Crumbl, Godly, the list goes one. But which shall rise to the top